21hands-in-the-air2WFC maintains a Child Safety Program to help ensure the safety of our children and children’s ministry volunteers.  The following information explains procedures that are in place under this program:

Volunteer Requirements:  All of our volunteers are required to have attended WFC for at least six months; participated in a Safety Training Video session; have an application on file along with two references and BCI/FBI fingerprints; and lastly, they are interviewed by two members of the WFC Safety Committee.  For accountability purposes, we maintain two adult helpers in our children’s classes and have a person available at the Safety Table if extra help is needed.

Child Check-In:  Another step in keeping our children safe is the process of checking participating children between the ages of infant and 6th grade in at the Safety Table.  This check-in requires that the child be signed in by a guardian or family member 7th grade or older; the child be given a wristband indicating that they are now in the care of WFC; the person checking the child in is given a name card which is required when the child is picked up and signed out.  We also have on file an emergency form for each child.

It is our goal to protect and maintain a safe and fun learning environment for our children along with protecting our volunteers and educating them on possible child safety concerns.

An emergency waiver form is located in the Media Center under Forms.